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Join us in making a visible impact on industry stages.

Our Purpose

The Challenge

Visual representation of diverse voices at industry conferences either on stages on in the audience are at an all time low. This impacts the ability to highlight diversity in thought and perspectives across industry topics.

The biggest barrier is capital for registration fees, airfare, and hotel along with digital content for marketing and promotion.

The Solution

Our grant program (based on an application process) aims to cover event tickets and travel expenses for residents of USA, Canada and Mexico. 

We recognize our donors and sponsors through digital content to highlight the contribution of your visible impact.

We aim to partner with event organizers, mentors, corporate sponsors, and media outlets to enable diverse voices to be seen and heard in industries across the globe throughout the year!

How Did Blended Start?

The Blended Pledge is the Non-Profit arm of the Blended Podcast. 

The Blended Podcast brings a global community together through authentic conversations, sharing their stories about Diversity & Inclusion, and creating more acceptance across industries.

We are actively taking steps to create a VISIBLE impact of diverse voices by bringing The Blended Pledge to industry stages. 

We are giving away grants to cover travel expenses so that diverse voices can say YES! to speaking engagements

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